2013PMDAGM-sFraser Squadron received several awards at the Pacific Mainland District AGM for their Chinese Boating Basics Manual and for having the largest % increase in membership by a Squadron in the PMD district.

This would not have been posible if it had not been for Commander Rick's initiative in recognizing that there was a opportunity to work with Jack and the Asian community to develop courses in Chinese. Also Rick's ideas were supported by our bridge and especially our training officers Paul & Kathleen and Bob E. who worked with Jack on our website so that it is now in Chinese/English (I think that we probably are the only Squadron that has it in both these languages in Canada/USA)! These folks put 100's of hours into this project!

With the other awards that Rick and Jack have received it certainly has been a banner year for Fraser Squadron. More to come!

Congratulation are in order as Fraser Squadron along with Port Moody cleaned up on the awards this year!

Fraser Squadron