WHP 7533-893Fifty years ago Fraser Squadron started teaching safe boating, and that means that this Saturday April 26, 2014 marked the 50th Anniversary AGM for Fraser Squadron.

Owing to the 50th anniversary there was a veritble royalty of members in attendance.

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A quick summary of the attendees included:

  • thirteen Past Commanders with tenures dating back to 1974 included the following:
    PC David Williams, PC Norman Dyck, PC George Schurman, PC Brian Smith, PC Rand Lutman, PC Dave Bauer, PC Lindsay Smith, PC Harry Cole, PC Edwin Lockefeer, PC Bob Juulsen, PC Jim Bryant, PC Bob Everson,  PC Rick Easthom
  • three Past District Commanders
    PDC Norman Dyck, PDC Dave Bauer, PDC Harry Cole
  • two past Chief Commanders
    PCC Norman Dyck, PCC Harry Cole
  • one original signator of the Fraser Squadron warrant
    Robert Meggy

After the business of electing and swearing in the new bridge was completed, there was a short break followed by merit awards. As a not for profit organization the only means we have of rewarding members for time served is the merit award. With a gamut of merits ranging from one to thirty-nine Fraser continues to show a dedication to teaching safe boating.
Following the merit awards there were a number of special awards as well as our annual trophies.
The John Murray Award was presented to Jack Tang.

The Brimble and Curran Memorial Award was presented to Rick Easthom.

The Stuart Church Award was presented to Bob Juulsen.

The MAREP Award was presented to Colin Redwood.

Chief Commander Joe Gatfield issued two commendations to Fraser Squadron. The recipient of the Letter of Commendation was Robert Meggy. A Letter of Appreciation was awarded to Jim Bryant.

After the awards presentations it was time for our guest speaker. This year Jeff Engholm of Marine Service Network and Delta Search & Rescue was on hand to give us a rundown on the operation and services of the Royal Canadian Search & Rescue (Station 8 - Delta).