The 2016 National AGM is over. The last month leading up to the AGM saw everybody scrambling to try and make this one of the best AGMs ever.

IMG 4534s     Pictured: John & Barb Dymond, Dave Mellis,
     Meredith Williamson, Kathleen & Paul Vanderwood,
     Donalda Buie, Bob Everson, Byron Buie

The 2016 AGM was hosted by PMD through the volunteer efforts of many of the lower mainland squadrons. None more so than Fraser Squadron. Volunteers for the 2016 National AGM included Dave Mellis, Meredith Williamson, Barb & John Dymond, Byron and Donalda Buie, Kathleen & Paul Vanderwood, and Bob Everson. Wait! Those were just the people in the photo below taken Friday night. Missing from the photo are Peter Lefroy, Cleve Pryde, Vidas Vitkus, Gouri Chinappa, Bill & Linda Hawryluk. I recall seeing Jack Tang and several other Fraser members whose names I don't know at the AGM luncheon. If you spent time volunteering I really hope I haven't forgotten you.


IMG 4548sPictured: Paul & Kathleen Vanderwood, Byron Buie

This AGM saw Fraser members being recognized for their contributions to CPS. Highlights included the Chief Commanders Letter of Commendation as Training Officers of the year given to Kathleen and Paul Vanderwood and a plaque awared to Byron Buies as CPS officer of the year. Way to go!


In more or less chronological order some photos from the AGM.

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The official AGM photographer, Don Butt, has posted his photos on SmugMug. Dons photos can be viewed here.