The annual Fraser Sqaudron Christmas Party was held on Dec 3, 2011 at the Sundowner Inn in Delta.

This little event of ours just keeps growing (in fun) and more people keep coming! We had the usual suspects of the Fraser Bridge but we also had members from White Rock and SurDel squadrons who came because they heard we put on a good party. We had at least two non-boaters in attendance because they heard we put on a good party. We also hosted one past Chief Commander and one Regional Training Officer.

Okay, we put on a good party

There were gifts for all there as well as a 50/50 draw. Byron donated an iPod docking sound system which we sold ticktes for. There were prizes, that looked like bottles of wine prizes for the music bingo.

Music Bingo? What's that?

After dinner and before the night gets all crazy our one man entertainment centre distributes bingo cards with popular song names. Short clips from songs are played and if you have the song on your card you can mark it off.

But wait! It gets better! This is an audience participation event. Random volunteers are chosen to "act out" some of the song titles leading to some interesting and entertaining skits. Throughout the BINGO game we were visited by KISS, the Bangles, Big and Rich, and Wayn and Garth from Waynes World.

HINT for next year. Don't wait too long to volunteer for a skit. The last line-up gets to do a chicken dance.

A big thank you to Rose Easthom for the great party!